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Asha Token

Cryptocurrency is the most transparent way to donate to charity. Make A Difference Token is the pioneer that will elevate cryptocurrency to being the standard for charitable giving. 

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 Beyond simple donations, through the smart contract technology utilized by Asha coin, it is possible to create passive and useful income for those people and organizations that are most in need. By building upon these nascent technologies, Asha coin aims to change the way the world thinks about money. We believe that every human being deserves food, clothing, and shelter, and we believe that through the use of cryptocurrency we will be able to deliver these necessities to every person that is in need.

Crypto Lambo Discord

A dedicated discord with educational data regarding whale alerts, trader discussions, new currencies and many more tools to start a successful journey into the crypto verse.

Crypto Lambo Discord

A dedicated discord with educational data regarding whale alerts, trader discussions, new currencies and many more tools to start a successful journey into the crypto verse.

Bharat Dalal

These paintings are based on the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, not as a homage, but due to visions so persistently haunting, that its full comprehension completely transformed the way I perceived Implausibilities and Negativities that lay within my soul.

The Last Supper

“The Last Supper”, a painting by Bharat Dalal, is an extraordinary creation of Renaissance art. He had imagined and been extremely successful in expressing the desire that had entered the minds of the twelve Apostles at that moment. Those apostles were shocked to know that one of them will be betraying Christ.

The Portrait of Ginevra De Benci

A very special woman in the life of Leonardo da Vinci. Lovely and very intelligent, Ginevra was not happy about her betrothal. The portrait which was part of her dowry shows a woman disenchanted with the prospect of the upcoming nuptials.

The direct gaze asks questions, which the artist answers by not embellishing the portrait with false beauty or sentiments. He gives back the truth by painting her as he sees her, disenchantment verging on detachment from worldly things.

NBA First 50

The NBA took the occasion of its Golden Anniversary in 1996 to honor fifty of the game’s greatest players with the creation of a signed lithograph that has forever after been considered the Holy Grail of basketball autograph collecting.

NBA 50 Greatest

Over a period of six years, forty-nine legends of the hardcourt were brought together with booked autograph sessions, the sport’s most exclusive brotherhood creating the hobby’s most exclusive collectible. And so this remarkable piece of memorabilia was born, linking several generations of NBA legends. The first 50 greatest players in NBA history.

The once-in-a-lifetime assembly could never be duplicated, with several of the elder statesmen having passed away in the nearly two decades since this artifact’s creation.



Founded in 2017, Binance-backed Travala.com has grown from a small start-up to the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly hotel and accommodation booking service trusted by thousands of customers worldwide as their preferred online travel agency.

cryptocurrency-friendly hotel booking

At Travala.com, we connect travellers with one of the world’s largest selection of incredible places to stay, including everything from hotels, apartments, villas and hostels to 5-star luxury resorts. The Travala.com platform currently offers over 3,100,000 travel products from Hotels to Homes, Flights and Activities covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories, and with prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms

We have successfully created a frictionless travel booking experience that incorporates next generation blockchain technology and tokenised incentives. By introducing cutting edge user experience and multiple cryptocurrency and traditional payment options alongside benefits tied to our proprietary cryptocurrency AVA, our customers know they are booking with a platform of the future with transparent pricing and backed up by our Best Price Guarantee.

The Travala.com value proposition is bolstered by AVA. As the native cryptocurrency of the platform, AVA can be used for payments, receiving and redeeming loyalty rewards, refunds, and as a store of value, among several other use cases.

We pride ourselves on being the leading cryptocurrency friendly accommodation booking platform. Pay for your stay anywhere in the world seamlessly using your favourite cryptocurrency.